August 03, 2019 2 min read

After 1 Aug, Minnesota hands-free law effect. Minnesota officially joined 17 states to become hands-free states.


This law is telling you: no longer to hold the phone by your hands. But you can use a hands-free device to call or use “Siri” to text, etc.

 We offer you 5 ways to avoid a cellphone ticket. 


1. Don’t use your phone while you are driving

 Put your phone away, just stay focused on the road. It will be no more accident, no more ticket. This is the easiest way to avoid a ticket. Safety first!

2.Connect Bluetooth to your car

Through car improvement, many new cars have a Bluetooth function. It allows you to connect your phone to the car through Bluetooth. In this system, you can answer the call just press a button. Your voice will be transfer through your car audio system. This is hands-free.

3. Use phone holder to hold your phone

TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount will allow you to talk or receive texts without touching the phone. Hold your phone securely, easy to install. Keep you from losing, dropping your phone and can stay hands-free. Use Siri or others voice assistant, you could do anything you need to do on the phone without holding it.

4.Bluetooth wireless headset

Use the single Bluetooth wireless headset, when your car doesn’t support Bluetooth connection. Connect to this little piece, one button press answer the call like Bluetooth in the car. You no need to talk into your phone, there is a microphone in a wireless headset. 

5. Forget it

You can call it back after you arrived at the destination. Pull over if you can’t wait, just not hold your phone while driving, otherwise, you get a ticket!

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