August 20, 2019 2 min read

Through the cellphone update, it seems like everyone at least have a cell phone. They use the phone for call, text, listen to music, take a photo, etc. It's more convenience in the age of information explosion. 

People use their phone everywhere. TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount will let you feel more portable to use your phone. 

After the upgraded, TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount not just use in the car cup holder, it could extend use in other places you even can't imagine. The extender makes our product become the most adaptable Cup Holder Phone Mount. The base max support 4" diameter cup holder, it is top grade in the Cup Holder Phone Mount industry. 

First, most use in the car: 

TOPGO Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

Better than windshield kind as your phone is not exposed to the heat and sunlight as you are driving. 

Use in RV: 

TOPGO Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

"Love using in our RV as we cruise around the country for the summer. Easy to install and really easy to see in the cup holder in the dash! It even holds firm with my Apple iPhone and Mophie battery pack (heavier with the battery pack attached). It also sits next to my charger. Perfect!"

—— Suzanne West

Use in the boat:

TOPGO Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

"I was looking for a phone mount to use in my boat in order to stream music to the sound system. I have a cup holder directly above the USB power outlet so decided to go with the cup mount. I was concerned if any product would be able to securely hold my phone while holding up to the rough water chop and bouncing of the boat. The holder doesn't budge a bit! It stays exactly where I adjusted it, I would highly recommend this mount to anyone."

—— steve

Use in stroller:

TOPGO Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

"Love this phone holder! I got it for my toddlers stroller cup holder and it’s perfect. Definitely recommend!!"

——Tyler Dunlap

 Use in the golf cart: 

"I tried other cell phone drink cup holders and they left me down-hearted when my phone fell out onto the floor of my golf cart. BUT... this TOPGO phone holder did the trick - it held my phone in the golf cart drink holder ( I use Hole 19 GPS and scoring app) and I had 4 BIRDIES! Same clubs, same swing and 4 birdies! It must be the TOPGO drink cup cell phone holder, NO? THANKS TOPGO! "

——Amazon Customer