Magsafe SSD Case for Samsung T7 SSD for iPhone 15 Pro Max

  • ⚠️Note: This product does not include a hard disk. Please do not add non-magnetic cases between the iPhone and the product, otherwise the magnetism will be weakened (magsafe cases apply).
  • The iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max have opened up a new world for content creators at every level with the unleashing of USB-C ProRes recording. You can record high-resolution ProRes video, but only if the data is going directly to an external SSD. You don’t want the drive dangling from the phone, so we developed a magsafe SSD case for samsung T7 that magnetically clings to the handset. Connect the two via a USB-C cable and you’re ready to start recording.
  • Use this magnetic snap-on SSD case with the Samsung T7 SSD lets iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max users easily record terabytes of high-resolution video. With these accessories, lets you add extra storage to your phone in literally a snap while staying ready to be a video camera and clicking selfies and taking videos on my iPhone.
  • Theis magnetic SSD case are compatible with MagSafe and can be directly connected to the iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max or with a MagSafe compatible case. The magnet connection is strong and the rubber pads provide additional friction to keep the module in place while avoiding any damage to the iPhone’s glass back.
  • Best of all, this incredible SSD case isn’t limited to just iPhone usage. For rigging, use the sticky iron ring makes for a solid and simple way to attach the magnetic SSD case to any flat surface. It can be used on the back of laptops and monitors, on the PC case, or one the metal pegboard whether at home, in the office or outdoors.
  • Dedicated accessories for Samsung SSD T7/ T7 Touch, not for T7 Shield, this product is just a hard disk cover, so you just need to buy this cost-effective hard disk to use with it. It's sized to fit perfectly with your iPhone, ergonomic, and has a one-piece feel when the snap-on magnet attaches. Using high precision 3D printer with environmentally friendly PLA material. Free 10Gpbs Type-C cable for high speed transfer.