Laser Measurement Tool 393ft Digital Laser Tape Measure - XN03

A fully-featured laser measuring tape that's designed for multiple purposes. It comes with an LCD that’s easy on the eyes. It is a laser measuring tool that punches above its weight: It comes with all the basics such as length, area, volume and indirect. Its laser extends out to 393 feet and is accurate up to ± 1/16 in, offering way more precision than standard digital tape measure. Being able to prevents errors, saving time and improving productivity
Distance measurements can be taken with a simple click of a button, the laser tape measure have the capability to remember last 60 measurement datas. The laser distance measurement tool has 2 bubble level so that you can make sure you’re taking your measurements on the level. Unlike tape measures, there’s never any slack or bending; you can get a more accurate reading with lasers, especially at longer distances. Plus, you don’t need to have another person to hold the other end
The digital laser tape measure can complete most measurements in 0.5 seconds. These tools are a great time saver for people who need a quick measurement of a house, room, backyard or entire construction site. Distance, min/max, add/subtract, area, and volume, and it includes Pythagoras functions. Carpenters, realtors, landscapers, carpenters, and painters all find laser distance measure a quick alternative to digging out a digital measurement tool or pacing something off
It can easily fit in a toolbox or your pocket, it has a simple-to-use interface and powerful circuitry in a compact casing. With our product, we upgraded the traditional single laser tube structure to a dual laser tube structure. The change effectively reduces the error caused by excessive temperature, with IP 54 rating protecting it from dust and splashes of water.