August 14, 2019 1 min read

Since the Siri comes in, most people use it to make convenience for calling, send a message, view album or something. It also can play the song, just you say it. But the song you want to play has to in your Apple music.

There is so much iPhone User, like me, want to listen to the music while driving. Hands-free law effect in many states. So I have to use Siri to listen to music from Spotify. Then I said: Play hello from Spotify (Why I said this because my apple music doesn’t have this song). The problem comes in. Siri tells me: I can’t play from Spotify. You only can kick the “Open Spotify” button right here.


The Information reports that Apple and Spotify talk about a project, plan to allow Apple Voice assistant Siri play the content on Spotify.


IOS 13 is coming, it brings the SiriKit framework. SiriKit will allow directly to play music from the third-part app, that might be these two companies keep discussing.


When it launch, you can say: “Hey Siri, play hello from Spotify”. It will really play the song in your Spotify not “I can’t play from Spotify” again.


Although like that, Spotify still unhappy user could not set Spotify as the default music app on Apple device.