Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Car cup holder phone mount's FAQs:

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Twist knob on top of base clockwise to tighten and counter clockwise to loosen.

1. Hold the phone holder upright. Insert 4 pins from the gooseneck bracket into 4 holes in the back of the phone holder.

2. Push the bracket up until you feel it “click”.

The phone holder is suitable for all types of 2.01”-3.54” wide device. The base is adjustable and fitted to the car cup holder that less than diameter 4”.

Rotate the turn-plate then three plugs expand from the bottom. Plenty big enough for most uses, maximum diameter can be up to 4". (additional silicone extend case helps to expand longer)

Yes, Iphone6 wide is 2.6”. The phone holder can hold the size between 2.01”-3.54” wide.

Not a button, a conical wheel on top of the base where it joins the extension arm. It has ridges on it and you just turn it and the base expands. Very easy to use but there is no button. 

Not at all. Please prop the plugs against the cup holder with more force to make sure it is firmly installed.

Yes, galaxy amp prime 3 wide is 2.76”. It can hold the size between 2.01”-3.54” wide.

A hole on the holder bottom is set for charging cable through.

The gooseneck is not elastic so it cannot be extended.

Insert the gooseneck connector plates into four little holes of the holder, then push the connector up.

Yes, it will. But first, please confirm the cup holder in golf cart diameter is less than 3.18”.

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