May 11, 2020 1 min read

Pop Sockets are really great invention for phones. They do not only hold your phone steadily on a horizon surface but also be a good decoration on your cell phone case. 

I am sure readers who are reading this blog must be fans of Pop Sockets. But I am also sure you guys must have a concern about how to settle your Phone with this little round creature on a vertical surface or on your car dashboard as it is not fitting in any phone holder.

So look at this! With our TOPGO Bear Grip Mount, you can easily solve this problem.

With the 3M sticker on the back, this little lovely bear can be firmly installed on almost every surface. You can stick in on the wall next to your bed or on the car dashboard. And the Bear ear can also hold your charging cable!

Cute and useful right?

Come to our webshop and bring it home!

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