September 20, 2020 5 min read

With the advancement in technology, smart phone usage has been increased tremendously, and we can instantly get connected to anyone or anywhere in the world. The mobile phone has made our lives easier in a variety of ways; however, at the same time, it has been proved dangerous for use on the road.

Thousands of accidents occur every year in a country. The biggest problem it generates is “distraction during the driving.” A driver who uses the phone on the road is always at risk and dangerous for other people. Usage of mobile phones while driving is the most common cause of accidents. The mobile phone is a global killer when it comes to road accidents. 

It is recommended not to use the phone while you are on the road; however, sometimes you are forced to use your phone while driving; for instance, you are moving to a new city, but you don’t know the address of your friend’s home, you will seek help from Google map but keeping your mobile in hands.

Simultaneously, driving can be dangerous, so you must look for a better option to provide you safety on the road, and a car phone holder is a lifesaver option. The important thing to consider while buying a cup holder phone mount is to have a smart phone charger. 

Now the question is where to put your own in the car? You don’t need to just put your phone in the car; you should buy the best car phone holder as your safety on the road is more important than just saving a few pennies. I have come up with a few ideas to place your phone in the lovely car's right places. Let’s jump to the main section of the article and learn the best options to keep your phone in front of you and where to get a high-quality phone holder. 

Windshield mount   

The windshield is the most common option of keeping you secure on the road. A suction cup is used and placed on your car's windshield to keep your phone in front of you. This phone mounting place is perfect as your phone places exactly in front of your eyes. It lets you check the Google map without keeping your phone in hands. This kind of cup phone holder can be installed and removed within a few seconds, and the best thing is you can buy this cell phone holder only in a few dollars. This technique to keep your mobile in the phone holder blocks a small portion of the windscreen and affects visibility. Some states have strict laws to keep your car phone holder, so it is wise to check the local laws to avoid inconvenience. 

Dashboard cell phone holder 

It is possible to convert your windshield phone holder into a dashboard phone mount by using an adhesive puck. You can also permanently install a phone holder; however, you may hire a technical person. A dashboard mount is considered as a better option than the windshield.

The dashboard mount option makes it easy for the driver to reach the phone as the dashboard is closer to the driver’s hand. We recommend that you look for those with rubbery material instead of sticky gum. 

HVAC vent mount 

This type of phone mounts comes in different shapes, including circular and rectangular. It is crucial to be aware of the temperature of your phone while using a vent mount. Prevent it from overheating as the heat affects the performance of electronic devices. A vent mount with rubber coating is safe for your car as well as your phone. 

We have seen all the phones mounts mentioned above have their advantages and disadvantages; it all depends on your priority. 

Now the question is where to find the car's best phone holder and protect you from accidents? TOPGO can solve all your problems; they have the best holders for the car. All products of TOPGO are made from fine quality material, making them reliable. The one thing that they focus on is the safety of their customers on the road, so you just have to invest a few dollars to keep yourself secure on the road. 

Why Should You Choose TOPGO To Get Your Favorite Cell Phone Holder? 

They prepared all their products by keeping in mind two important issues that drivers have to face while using a dashboard or air vent phone mount. The first is the blockage of the windshield, and the other is heat emitting issues of the phone in front of the warm air flow during winter. So you no more need to worry about the windscreen view. All their products are designed to settle in your cup holder which is lower than the windshield keeping you secured on the road. And avoiding direct contact with the air-con flow, your phone is also safe from being over-heated.

 Another major issue is finding the right phone holder clamp according to your mobile phone's size and version. TOPGO has recently targeted all the mobile companies and their latest and older version to provide you the ultimate phone holder for your car. You can visit their site and search for the right phone holder according to your phone model.  

If you are fashion conscious, TOPGO would be your priority as they offer unique designs to add to your car's beauty. External beauty is not their single concern, they focus more on user-friendly factors, and all phone holder base rings are designed for easy twisting.

TOPGO user feedback is one of their worth mentioning factors that will encourage you to get the one. Their car phone holders are top-ranking products on Amazon, which predicts the quality of their product. User satisfaction is their priority, and they never let it down. 

What MakesTOPGO Stand Out From The Crowd? 

TOPGO believes in quality and does everything to maintain quality. Customer satisfaction pushes them to introduce innovative products. They have a wide range of phone holders, so you will find their products perfect for your phone, whatever the mobile you have. 

It is hard to get a high-quality product at affordable rates, but TOPGO makes this possible. In addition to this, they offer different discounts to their loyal customers. 

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If you have some tricks to get your phone mounted in the right place in your car and other safety tips on the road, don’t forget to share it with us in the comment section below. We may find your safety tips useful and can take part in making people secure on the road.