May 24, 2019 1 min read

Upgrade season. TOPGO Even Top Goal Better. Our goal is to let our customer have better product experience, not just satisfy now.

For the previous version, we add the extra silicone extender to augment use range. Step by step, we launched the new version again, this time we major focus to solved some problem like “could not adjust the base.”

In the last version, our product is adjusted through a cone-shaped part that on the top of the base. But there is another problem emerge when used.

Firstly, some customers say that is not easy to adjust, and it is hard to grip, in particular when someone’s hand with sweat.

Secondly, for the appearance aspect, our customers sometime might think this part is not used to adjust the base. That might be the main reason that customer don’t know how to adjust to fit.

old to new version

For achieving our goal, at the same time, our company engineer has improved the product. We glad to launch the new version of cup holder phone mount. In this version, we have a brand new design in adjusting part, the new knob. Not only solved the adjust problem but also add some modern design on a phone holder.

The new knob is outstanding, the user could clearly know that this part is to adjust the base.

modern design

easy to use