April 17, 2019 1 min read

Two different types of phone holder for you to choose from. Let me introduce the first one the black phone holder.

Universal cell phone holder: suitable for all type of 2.01”-3.54” wide device.

Bigger space to hold your phone: The maximum length can extend to 5.5” suitable for bigger device not just for cell phone.

One more Note, the black one is support 0.51" thickness device.

TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount                                     TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount


Quickly adjustment: There are two buttons behind the phone holder. One in the top for adjust width. Another one in the bottom for adjustable length.

We recommend this black phone holder when you have a bigger phone.

In the following, I start to introduce the blue phone holder.

Compare to the black one, the blue phone holder has advanced in hold the device with bigger thickness like a phone with a pop socket.

Bigger grip: thanks for the bigger grip, this phone holder will suit for the thickness is less than 0.75”.

Universal cell phone holder: this phone holder also suitable for all type of 1.77”-3.54” wide and 0.65 thickness device.

TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount                             TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount 

Width adjustment: One button is at the bottom of the back of the phone holder.