September 11, 2019 1 min read

New Arrival!

TOPGO -Even Top Goal Better. TOPGO always aim to improve customer satisfaction and increase customer experience.

Cellphone gradually becomes necessary in our life. As a phone holder seller, we first focus on how to hold your phone securely.
For preventing get harm to the phone, many people's cellphone with a case.

phone with case -

For convenience and better viewing, many people's cellphone with a pop socket.

phone with popsocket -

And for portable, many people's cellphone with a wallet.

phone with wallet -

The newest TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount will fit your phone for this situation. There are lots of customers buy our product but they have to remove the case on their phone when using our product. We have to say sorry about it.

Because of your advice, your trust, and your support, now we launch a new product. The newest [Upgrade 2.0] TOPGO Cup Holder Phone holder with a deeper phone holder. 0.9" thick, enough thickness to hold your phone when it attaches a case or pop socket.

TOPGO Car Cup Holder Phone Mount -

TOPGO Car Cup Holder Phone Mount -

At the same time, we keep the advantage in the previous version. This new version also with a modern design knob, three silicone extenders for bigger cup holders.

TOPGO Car Cup Holder Phone Mount -

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