September 20, 2019 2 min read

Most of our customer's cell phones with a popsockets. Since we launch a [Upgrade 2.0] TOPGO Gooseneck Cup Holder Phone Mount, that would more suitable for holding a phone with a popsockets in your car.

If I don't have to look down at the phone and something that can hold my phone in the best viewing.

While I'm putting on makeup, I can practice in front of the mirror while looking at the youtube makeup tutorial. 

TOPGO Grip Mount(Use in makeup)

While I'm in the kitchen, I can follow the menu on my phone step by step for cooking. 

TOPGO Grip Mount(Use in the kitchen)

While I'm in the shower or sitting in the car, I can see the video on my phone without holding it.

TOPGO Grip Mount(Use in the shower)

While I'm in the office, I can easy to see my calendar on my phone. 

TOPGO Grip Mount(Use in the office)

While I wake up, I can easy to find my phone.

TOPGO Grip Mount(Use in the bed)

TOPGO Grip Mount made for these situations. 

[Design for popsockets] More practical car phone mount with delicate cute bear style design appearance. You could use this flexible car grip mount to work with your socket mount on the back of the phone.TOPGO Grip Mount


[Cable Holder Design]: Super cute bear ears that can be used for a hold to charging cable management. Let your inside the car, on the desktop, and in the bedroom no longer suffer from the messy charging lines.

TOPGO Grip Mount

[Multi-Surfaces of Grip Mount]: Stick this car phone holder to wherever you're going to mount, like a car dashboard, office, home, kitchen, bedroom, mirrors, wall, glasses, locker and more.

[Easy To Install]: The material of grip mount we apply is high-quality soft silicone gel and best sticky adhesive double-sided tapes to hold the device more secure.

TOPGO Grip Mount

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