Double Sided Black PEI Build Plate for Bambu Lab X1/X1C/X1E/P1P/P1S/A1, Flexible Spring Steel Sheet for Bambu Lab 3D Printers Platform 257x257mm

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【Upgraded Double Sided Textured PEI Sheet】IdeaFormer-3D uses the black textured coating PEI, the adhesion is stronger than gold PEI coating. It can impart texture to the bottom surface of the prints, enhancing its overall appearance.

【Thicken Spring Steel Plate】IdeaFormer-3D uses a thickened spring steel sheet that enhances magnetic adhesion. It helps to prevent warping and ensure optimal print quality during 3D printing. It helps when printing larger models in filaments that are prone to warping like ABS, PC, and Nylon.

【Compatible Filaments】The Double Sided textured PEI build plate surface is resistant to high temperatures of 300℃, therefore it can be compatible with many filaments such as PLA/PLA+/PETG/ABS/TPU/Nylon/PC/PA/ASA/PVA, etc.

【Excellent Adhesion】The Textured PEI spring steel build plate has a good adhesive. The model can be firmly attached to the surface of the print bed. If your printer is X1/X1C/X1E, please turn off"Enable detection of build plate position" before selecting the plate type. Please let the build plate cool down before removing the model to avoid damaging the coating.

【Compatible 3D Printer】Our double-sided textured black PEI print bed fit 3D printers with a platform size of 257x257mm, such as Bambu Lab X1/X1C/X1E/P1P/P1S/A1 3D printer.