H1H Smooth Build Plate for Bambu Lab X1C/X1/X1E/P1P/P1S/A1 Print Bed Light Beam+Phantom Spring Steel Sheet Plate 257x257mm Double Sided Flexible Sheet for Bambu Labs Series 3D Printers

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【H1H Effect Build Plate】The H1H spring steel sheet is double sided print plate. One side is a Light beam pattern, which can leave a vibrant Rainbow Streak on the bottom of your printed model. The other side is a phantom pattern, it allows you to transfer holographic patterns to your print object. Make your prints stand out.

【Excellent Adhesion 】The H1H spring steel flexible sheet has a good adhesive, even better than smooth PEI PET or PEO. It even can stick well without heating the platform, no glue is needed. If your printer is X1 series, please turn off "Enable detection of build plate position", otherwise it will casued bad adhesion.

【Easy to Maintain】The Light beam or phantom pattern of the prints may fade or disappear if wiped with hands or other oily objects, but don't worry, you only need to wipe the H1H surface with a wet tissue and then wipe dry it with a dry tissue to keep it clean, It will become as clean as the first time you got it, the Light beam or phantom pattern can be reappeared!

【Compatible Filaments】The H1H printing plate surface is resistant to high temperatures of 200°C.After our extensive testing, we recommend the H1H build plate to print PLA /PETG /TPU /ABS, If you want to print other filaments, please adjust the parameters.

【Package Included】1 x Spring steel sheet (H1H Build Plate Light Beam+Phantom Double Sided Printing). Our double-sided H1H build plate fits 3D printers with a platform size of 257x257mm, compatible for Bambu Lab X1C/X1/X1E/P1P/P1S/A1.